Technical Scuba Diving

Tec-Rec -Technical Diving Koh Tao – Thailand


Tech Rec is the technical diving section of the new PADI scuba diving program that caters to the increasing market of scuba divers who want to go beyond the limits of standard recreational diving. With the introduction of Tech Diving, qualifying PADI instructors now have access to technical diving courses based on valid instructional design and the proven PADI dive training system. As the prerequisites and performance requirements necessary to qualify to teach technical diving under the PADI Tec Rec program are tough, now is the time to prepare yourself. Make more out of your scuba diving career and take it to the next step. At Asia Divers in Koh Tao, a highly professional team is making sure that you will understand all aspects of technical diving in Thailand and everywhere else .


In order to maximize your diving skills (or make you more employable as a PADI scuba diving instructor), it will benefit you to consider specializing in one of the fastest growing areas of scuba diving, whilst maximizing your personal and job satisfaction.

Imagine a daily routine that is more than teaching confined and open water training dives

to non-certified students. Teaching Nitrox (EANX) and Rebreather Diving Courses to experienced divers is a way to keep the excitement in your job whilst preparing yourself for the technical diving – tec rec specialty, the future of scuba diving.
Or just going deeper……


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