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If you haven’t been diving for a long time, it is a wise idea to do a little review of what you have learned in your scuba diving course. Asia Divers offers a scuba review to freshen up your memory and make sure that you will feel confident on your next dive and that you remember all the important stuff like rule number one; Never stop breading!

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No problem! Get the little ones (8 years or older) in the water too.

This is a superb way of introducing the youngsters to scuba diving. While the kids are enjoying themselves, enjoy your afternoon off ! Can be either half a day in the pool or at a shallow beach location. Aimed at getting the kids comfortable with breathing underwater.

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If they had a ball blowing bubbles, there is more for them. Get them to become a Seal Team Member. Many different aqua-missions (sessions in the swimming pool) can be organized for the kids in our resort pool . They will be learning basic navigation skills, fine tuning their buoyancy, make some underwater snapshots, or even experience a bit of night diving in the pool. They’ll love it, and you to.

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Whether you are short on time, or just a little worried about learning how to dive, here is your chance. As long as you are healthy and at least 10 years old, it is time to experience this whole new world of scuba diving.
Your instructor will introduce you to basic rules, concepts and scuba skills before slowly heading off to deeper waters. As the DSD program is limited to a maximum depth of 6m, an additional open water dive to max 12m is available for those who really enjoyed themselves!

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*All course prices on the website are in Thai Baht. ALL deposits are approx. 20% of full price, paid in Thai Baht, and non-refundable. The remaining balance is payable on completion of your course.

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