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Become a Scuba Diving Instructor on Koh Tao

You have come a long way and you have worked hard to become a PADI Divemaster, and you are now ready to put in some more effort, and commitment to become a PADI Open Water Scuba Instructor! During your dive master course, you had a great time diving, meeting nice people and made some new friends… well, during our Diving Instructor Training, nothing will change!


The PADI IDC is a relaxed 14 day diving education program, during which we will provide a professional and fun learning experience. during the PADI IDC program, you will learn how to teach all PADI scuba diving courses using the latest training materials, and we will have fun applying all these new techniques you learned, in confined or open water, on one of Koh Tao’s lovely dive sites.


Be certified as a PADI DM (or hold an equivalent certification)
Be at least 18 Yrs old.
Be certified as an entry level diver since at least 6 months , and have logged at least 60 dives.
Prior to certification as an OWSI you will have to show proof of 100 logged dives, and show proof of CPR training within the last 24 months, provide a medical signed by a licensed physician, stating you are fit for scuba diving.


As with most PADI programs, the IDC incorporates the home study philosophy. Independent study enhances schedule flexibility and allows you to arrive better prepared for the IDC.
Having prepared your IDC before getting here will allow you to enjoy the island lifestyle a little more, as well as it will make you a more knowledgeable and marketable instructor. Simply order your Instructor Candidate Workbook, and answer all the Knowledge Reviews in the Independent Learning Section. Doing so will make your IDC schedule much more relaxed. While being at home, try to get hold of the Diving Knowledge Workbook. Using this manual is a great tool to refresh your Divemaster Diving Knowledge.
This section below will allow you to download all the necessary paperwork required for your IDC.


The IDC could be completed in as little as seven days. This would make the schedule really tight, and give us very long days. We prefer to schedule it over nine days.
The IDC program consists of two parts, the Assistant Instructor course (part 1, four days) followed by the

Open Water Scuba Instructor course (part 2, 5 days).
Prior to the start of each IDC program we run Prep courses to brush up on Divemaster theory, skill demonstration quality, and we also give you an introduction on how to organize Pool or Classroom sessions.
During these 14 days we have time to work together to ensure that you are well prepared to pass the PADI IE, which helps Dan Robinson and his team to maintain a very high success rate.


A job in the tropics….. something for me or not!

Continuing your education enhances your career options, making you more valuable as an employee and staff member. It also sets a good example for your future students.
When applying for the most attractive jobs, you will have competition . There will be guys speaking a dozen of languages, holding 10 Specialty ratings, having certified 600 divers, …. Where do I start? Don’t give up! Start to work on it right away!


Dan Robinson began working with us here at Asia Divers back in 2008 and has since been throughout Southeast Asia. He has regularly been training instructors in Indonesia, the Maldives, the Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand.

Not only does he run IDC programmes, but Dan is also;

  • DSAT TecRec Trimix Instructor Trainer.
  • He teaches the PADI Self-Reliant Diver Speciality (solo diving)
  • Sidemount
  • Tec Deep (50)
  • Technical Advanced Wreck Distinctive Specialty

So we will begin investigating the possibilities of exploring some caves on the main land next year?!!

PADI Diving Instructor Development Course – THB 39’900 BOOK NOW

*All course prices on our website are in Thai Baht. ALL deposits are approx. 20% of the full price and non-refundable. The remaining balance is payable on completion of your diving course. For Instructor Specialties or MSDT Programs please send us a mail.

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