Koh Tao Divesites

Koh Tao Dive Sites and Fish Life

These are just a few of the best dive sites around Koh Tao. We have over 30 dive sites all within a maximum of 45 minutes by boat… most being only 10-15 min away. To see where the sites are situated around Koh Tao, and also to see maps of the sites, please click on the logo to the left.


This is a popular dive site, where depth ranges from 2 – 20 meters. There are two giant submerged pinnacles which rise from 22 meters deep. You will come across an impressive array of hard and soft corals as well as many reef fishes such as groupers, parrot fishes, and wrasses. During night dives, you will come across huge barracudas as they hunt for their prey. Schools of butterfly fishes and angel fishes dominate this aquatic landscape. Beware of the trigger fish, which are hugely territorial by nature!


This site should be called Triple Peaks, as it consists of three granite reefs covered with beautiful corals and sponges. Depth ranges from 7 – 17 meters where you will come across trigger fishes, banner fishes, the beautiful blue-ringed angle fishes as well as the blue-spotted stingrays. We can also let you in on our secret ? Clown fishes which can perform tricks! This is an extremely pleasant dive site.


One of the most popular dive sites in the Koh Tao area, depth ranges down to about 25 meters. It provides more adventurous diving as you can swim through the many crevices, arches and swim-holes. Common sightings include harlequin sweetlips, blue-ringed angelfish, moray eels, and trigger-fishes. Sometimes, you can spot whitetip reef sharks, large groupers and schools of yellowtail fusiliers. It is one of the deepest dive sites near Koh Tao and also often visited by the world’s biggest fish, the Whale Shark.


Considered one of the more challenging dive sites with occasionally strong currents, this is one of two spectacular places in the world where you can dive hazard free with bull sharks! Depth is up to about 36 meters and is laden with the most impressive array of sea life from giant groupers to black corals, huge anemone gardens to yellow box fishes. The four fascinating submerged pinnacles will present big pelagic fishes such as barracuda, mackerel and trevallies. Adult and juvenile bat fishes will escort you around the pinnacles. The abundant microscopic food amongst the corals attract schools of fish with possible sightings of whale sharks.


15 km north of Koh Phangan, a block emerges from the sea, and ranges down to 40 meters. The main attraction of this dive site is a naturally formed 15-metre high underwater dive wall or chimney. Divers can ascend from 18 meters up the chimney wall to the surface, making this a unique diving experience. Visibility is usually excellent at around 30 meters. The structure itself is pocked with small holes, which are ideal homes for white-eyed and yellow margin moray eels, as well as large sea anemones. Sightings of reef sharks and manta rays are also common, as are large schools of tuna, jacks, trevallies and barracudas. Even here, whale sharks can be seen occasionally.


The Southwest Pinnacle consists of three rock formations, which range from 4 – 30 meters below the surface, representing a series of short wall dives. At the top of the pinnacles are blankets of underwater plant life in a stunning array of rainbow colors. Between the rocks are many bushy black coral sea whips and gorgonian sea fans. Leopard sharks are often encountered and it is even possible to meet the occasional whale shark. Giant groupers are common here, as are scribbled file fish, masked porcupine fish, yellowtail, barracuda and snapper.

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