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Claude Kelly - Diving InstructorClaude Kelly – Instructor / Manager

“The Governor” “Chief” is our senior and most experienced instructor with well over 1700 certifications issued ! Originally from Bedfordshire in the UK, he has been around over 14 years now 12 years with Asia Divers . He has 2 passions in his life ..teaching diving and Chelsea FC …….Anyone completing a course with Claude will remember this gentleman for life !




f950565776James Pope – Instructor

From Chester which is almost Wales. He originally tried to dive with Simple Life but soon realised that he wanted to be at a professional dive school instead and did his Rescue Diver then Dive master with us at Asia. Having passed his Assistant instructor then Open Water Instructor with Asia Divers he is now our main instructor.

Nothing is too much trouble for this loveable affable funny and caring guy. A dry sense of humour and sarcastic wit may help explain how he was an ardent Chester City FC fan until their demise.




 Kevin Thomson - Our Assistant Instructor - Helps out divers during giant stride entryKevin Thomson – Assistant instructor

From Portsmouth UK. He came to dive with some friends and did his open water course and advanced. Came back again did his rescue and started his dive master and again, and again… Frankly I refused to sign his dive master course off as completed because we wanted him to keep coming back. Always polite, considerate, generous and kind. A pleasure to know, full of worldly knowledge. Our weekly Asia Divers Pub quiz – Magnus Magnusson, and general dive trip organiser.





kateKate Yarwood – Instructor

Kate is from Manchester England.

Once from the humdrum life of finance. She has come to Koh Tao to persue her passion of diving and teaching diving! Patient, kind and attentive to detail. She inspires her divers to get more out of diving.


Naomi WaragaiNaomi Waragai - Scuba Diving Instructor

Naomi; this fun and outgoing Japanese instructor only teaches our Japanese divers. She occasionally hags out in the bar after work and mixes up with all …..She is a patient instructor dedicated to the well being of her customers.






Koji-OnoderaKoji Onodera - PADI Diving Instructor

Koji; our other Japanese instructor has now been here for a couple of years and has a real passion for diving and teaching diving . He has a very friendly attitude and is a real team player . Take a diving course with Koji and you will have a wicked time !

Our Diving Instructors and Staff Instructors at Asia Divers are all experienced PADI professionals who will take the time to put you at ease. All courses are not time based but rather performance based . Our job is to be patient and simply be there for you to help you through the IDC. After having completed a course with our diving instructors you will have a massive smile, great memories and a thirst to continue your education! This we can guarantee !


They may seem quiet, but without them around us, we would be working so much harder. All speaking great English, they will assist with travel needs, bike rental , boat trips …. pretty much anything they can. All comes with a smile.

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