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Take Your Diving Skills Further – Advanced Diver


If the Advanced Open Water diving course is one step too much for you right now, or you don’t have enough time, perhaps the Adventure Diver Course could be an option you should look into. The Adventure diver program allows you to mix and match any specialty dive you like. Any 3 adventure dives will get you certified to be an adventure diver. Whether you like to learn something about Underwater Photography, or you want to experience a bit of Nitrogen Narcosis and go Deep Diving, the choice is all yours. As this course could only take as little as 1 day, time really cant be the excuse!

Adventure Diver – 7’000 THB BOOK NOW


After you completed your Open Water Diver course, it is time to explore even more of the underwater realms. The Advanced Open Water Diver Course will prepare you to face a wider range of diving environments and equip you with more skills and more scuba diving experience. You will make 5 more dives over 2 days, one of them bringing you down to a depth of 30 meters and an other one of them, teaching you to navigate underwater. The deep dive and the navigation dive are both mandatory dives for the PADI AOWD and you can choose freely three more dives from a variety of specialty dives.

Choosing from the ones below:

  • Deep Dive (compulsory) – descend down to 30metres and go shark hunting or try and spot the camouflaged giant groupers.
  • Navigation Dive (compulsory) you will learn how to use a compass, which will allow you to navigate around the vivid red fan coral to the nearby bright yellow table coral.
  • Night Dive (optional) – its like being on the moon! Watch everything glow when you turn off the torch and wave your hands about.
  • Underwater Photography Dive (optional) – learn how to use an underwater camera to take pictures of !
  • Multi Level Dive (optional) – learn how to extend your dive time using a computer and the Wheel.
  • Naturalist Dive (optional) – no, not naked…well, not unless you want to…! But learn more about all the magnificent marine life around you!
  • Peak Performance and Buoyancy Dive (optional) – practice your underwater balance by controlling your breathing. Learn how to hover above or below the coral reef or hang upside down if you like! Handy for looking under rocks for those shy stingrays.

Advanced OW Diver – 8’500 THB BOOK NOW

Advanced OW to Rescue Diver ( incl PADI EFR ) 20’550 THB BOOK NOW w/o EFR 17’050 THB BOOK NOW

Advanced OW to Divemaster ( incl PADI EFR ) 45’550 THB BOOK NOW w/o EFR 42’050 THB BOOK NOW


The EFR course takes 1 day and you will be taught how to deal with a variety of emergency scenarios including choking, shock hypothermia, bleeding, resuscitation and CPR. You will also learn about marine life and diving related injuries This course is designed to prepare you to take the appropriate action when others may need your help. This course is open to everyone, whether you are a diver or not. This is a recognised first aid course and needs to be refreshed every 2 years.

Emergency First Response – 3’500 THB BOOK NOW


During this course, we will teach you how to anticipate and respond to problems and how to take care of other divers and yourself in an emergency. You will learn underwater search patterns for missing divers. Rescue skills above and below the water. We will show you how to surface an unconscious diver using different lifting techniques to get them out of the water and resuscitate them. You will have a close look at Oxygen equipment, and how and when to use these systems. We will teach you to be a confident, aware and prepared diver, always ready to help. The rescue diver course is a mandatory towards the divemaster course and so the first step to the professional scuba diving level.
The PADI rescue diver course is not only rewarding, but also really enjoyable and fun.
Lets keep the sea a safe place for us all!

Rescue Diver – 9’500 THB BOOK NOW

Rescue Diver + EFR – 13’000 THB BOOK NOW

Rescue + EFR + Divemaster – 38’000 THB BOOK NOW


If you want to pursue your interest in specific diving activities, PADI Specialty courses are made for you.
Whether you want to go more technical, and get into Deep, Equipment, Nitrox (Enriched Air), DPV (Diver Propulsion Vehicle) or Rebreather. All these courses are available alongside standard specialties, such as Night, Multilevel, Naturalist and many more, you could get into underwater Videography or Photography. All rental equipment is available in our resort.
Even if you are not a diver there are some specialties that you may be interested in. While the others are out diving, you could enroll in a Marine Resource management or Project Aware Specialty. Both courses focus on reef conservation, and our responsibility as humans on how to protect our oceans.

Specialty Courses – Individual Prices Vary BOOK NOW

*All diving course prices on our website are in Thai Baht. ALL deposits are approx. 20% of full price, paid in Thai Baht, and non-refundable. Deposits for specialty diving courses are 500 THB per specialty. The remaining balance is payable on completion of your diving course(s).

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